Sunday, 5 December 2010

Advent - Day Five

Apologies for the delay in revealing what's behind door number five on our advent calendar of commercial desires. However, today's treat comes from a true menswear personality, Glenn Kitson. Kitson is a figure that has seen it all. His current CV details his successful contributions to the likes of 6876 , Penfield and oi polloi while producing his own fabulous publication The Rig Out. With the cold weather well and truly upon us, Kitson looks to an amazing piece of outerwear for protection...


Mandator Lined Utility Jacket from Black Label Ralph Lauren..., Glenn actually selected a different coat but I couldn't find it anywhere. Sorry all!

"I'm actually quite lucky and tend to be given a lot of stuff and If I really want something I buy it. If we're talking clothes (which we obviously are..) then at Xmas it would have to be an amazing piece of outerwear. There's a lovely Ralph Lauren duck canvas barn coat/chore jacket in Liberty's at the moment, its £800 and a bit out of my price range right now, that would be quite nice"

*Looks up to the Christmas gods in heaven*.

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Veyron Graves said...

It is on sale for $699,--


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