Thursday 30 December 2010

In discussion... 2010

The desire to develop a dialogue around men's style and fashion has always been one of our key motivations to blog and this year we embarked on a new series that aimed to stoke the fires of menswear conversation. Each month, starting from May, we invited a cross section of thoughts on and around a range of subjects from the most stylish men they've ever known to the best piece of style advice they had ever heard. Over the course of the year, we heard from a mixed bag of knowledgeable folk air their thoughts and responses came from designers, store owners, PRs, journalists and a few fellow bloggers alike. With this in mind, we couldn't turn the page on the last twelve months without hearing from a few of our favourite figures of menswear on their highlights of 2010...

"My highlight of the year for menswear would be Dries Van Noten's Fall 2010 collection. Never before have I wanted so much from one collection and I've been buying quite a bit."
Tommy Ton, photographer and blogger.

"I think personally, making the film that we did for SS11. I find fashion film difficult, its often horribly self indulgent and pointless with it, with little or obvious narrative. We wanted to make something interesting, odd and beautiful, and I'm my harshest critic, but I think we came up with something pretty special there."
Carolyn Massey, designer.

"Collaborating with Mogwai and Woolrich Woolen Mills for The Rig Out short film was the highlight of my year. A week spent in the north of Norway in July, messing about on glaciers and the odd weird effect of 24 hour daylight was very cool. Plus, the film's not bad too. Check it out!"
Glenn Kitson, co-founder of the Rig Out magazine, PR and brand consultant.

"My highlight of 2010 was getting let loose in the RRL showroom for the first time. The environment was incredible and with everything RRL no stone had been left unturned. The collection was authentic Americana Vintage and one of the best I had seen all year. I can’t wait to see it launch in store in February in the first RRL shop in shop in Europe."
Stephen Ayres, Menswear Buying Manager at Liberty.

"The best find of 2010 for me is Japanese brand Sasquatchfabrix. We are the first to bring this over from Japan and I have no doubt that in the coming years this brand will be on peoples radar in a big way. I absolutely love the aesthetic and the raw feeling of this brand."
Dan Mitchel, Buyer at LN-CC

"The highlight of my fashion year has to be the number of decent menswear stores that have opened up in London over the past 12 months. It is the first time in many years that London has a retail landscape which reflects some of its unique energy."
Joe Casely-Hayford, designer.

"The most exciting Fashion find of 2010 was all the fatboy fashions coming for SS11. Mr. Hare is only a healthy, bon vivant, size 54, yet even stores in which my shoes are stocked only keep there ranges up to a 52, which in the week before fashion week, due to stress and over work I can just about squeeze into. A few Parisien steak tartares later though and I am back in the land of ass. But this coming summer whether it is Prada's tie front (Karl Kani) jeans and shorts or Diors " I used to be fat but look at me now yo!! Lost 60lbs in sixty minutes at the LIPO-Fatty spa." Or even Haider Ackermans Opium den proprietor/Lothario apparel Fat is where it's at. And our style icon, yes, we wish you were still here...Fat Joaquin!"
Mr Hare, shoe enthusiast and designer.

We will be posting our own review of the year tomorrow which will include the thoughts of Daniel Jenkins. In the meantime, why not tell us about your menswear highlight below...


Matthew Spade said...

i've enjoyed this year immensely, prob my most challenging yet but most rewarding. see you on the other side. happy new year

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat: Happy New Year! Here's to 2011 ebing even better.


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