Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Advent - Day Fifteen

Apologies for the late unveiling of day fifteen of our Advent calendar but for us, the day was something of a write off. This blogger barely left the soothing comfort of his duvet as his head and throat felt abused and unqestionably inhuman. Thankfully, matters have improved enough to return the much missed glow of the laptop long enough to reveal what is on Patrick Grant's wish list this Christmas.
Just last week Grant was deservedly crowned Menswear Designer of the Year at this year's BFAs where he declared that "it's been a really remarkable year for us  (E. Tautz) and this award makes a rather nice early Christmas present." His personal style as well as his work at both the houses of Tautz and Nortons & Sons has received much attention on the pages of this blog, so who better to ask to take part in our festive feature? So, in addition to receiving awards, here's what's on his Christmas list...


"I think I'd like a Dawes Ultra Galaxy, simply the finest touring bicycle, still built in England, from the bike makers to the British Army. Might be just the thing to finally get me on that cycle tour of the Western Isles I've been banging on about for years."

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Matthew Spade said...

try and get that under your tree!


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